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  Ari takes complex information and breaks it down into easy-to-understand ideas.  

Hi I am Ari Laguna

Owner and Instructor of

Professional Training Center

Insurance & Securities School

Meet Ari Laguna, Owner / Instructor

Ari was born in Montana but grew up in Eastern Washington, lived in Seattle for 30 years and now has moved back to her roots in Eastern Washington. She is the owner and instructor of the Professional Training Center Insurance and Securities School. She has worked in the insurance field since 2007 and has been an instructor since 2012. She has a fun way of teaching that keeps the class enjoyable. She is fluent in spanish and english. Ari's background as a Insurance agent has helped her to grasp the concepts of insurance and help students with examples that they can understand even if they haven't work in the insurance field before. She has an ability to help students remember the concepts of insurance for test purposes. Professional Training Center provides a comfortable, relaxed classroom setting where students can ask questions and express ideas and concerns in order to expedite their understanding of the field and the exams. And unlike many other insurance training centers, Professional Training Center provides additional informational study aides that make it easier to comprehend difficult concepts.
Outside teaching Ari's other passions are her family, gardening and salsa dancing with her husband.